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How mailigo makes email simple again.

How i got involved in the project

April last year I started as campaign manager at Goodbyehello in Hilversum, a data driven marketing agency who mostly serve travel clients with smart personalized win-back campaigns. Email campaigns play a key role in winning back previously perceived lost customers. I learned a lot in a short time about all the facets of effective EDM management.

Second part of my job was to become product owner of Mailigo, an email service provider, which Goodbyehello developed in-house with a team of developers to break free from the conventional providers and have a custom tool that met our requirements. 

The mission

My task was to add functionalities and improve the user experience to prepare the service for third party users. With ESP's like MailChimp and the likes, it became a real challenge to develop a competitive product in that market. We didn’t want to branch off too much from the key function; sending effective email campaigns.

We decided to differentiate by centralizing the essence of good email campaigning. The focus was set on what users actually need; a truly intuitive editor, an advanced sending engine and a best in class delivery assurance. Advanced agency requirements were already embedded in the tool for ourselves, but the core public requirements were simply put; to create, send and deliver without a hassle.

The second key decision was a different pricing and feature model. We parted from the feature-based subscription models most known providers maintain and went for a pay as you go model.

We didn’t want to force users into packages they don’t need so we decided to have all features freely available for all accounts. This meant no limits on subscriber lists, field caps, forced cobranding or other limitations you mostly see in the free and entry level accounts most providers offer. 

The proposition

The entry package is the only and fully featured package we offer and you only pay for sent emails. The platform itself is free. You can prepay any amount of emails and lower your cost per campaign. 

In the coming weeks we will release our automation engine which allows you to create advanced automations. Besides the most common funnels templates you will also be able to design the most granular funnels with action and filter blocks which is unseen in the current market. The upcoming list filter features will of course match market standards.

Obviously other features like advanced reporting, GDPR compliant subscriber forms, blacklist management, exports and a cool live ticker for the big-screen in the office will be available at launch.

Get early access

The first of march 2020 we will be launching Mailigo.com to a carefully selected pilot group who will be receiving free email credits to start. If you consider switching to or starting with a new ESP, we will be delighted to give you a login key. Be one of the first to follow us on LinkedIn and we'll keep you updated! If you can't wait take a peek, enroll for early access. Hope to see you soon!

Danny Worms

Product Owner Mailigo

Hilversum, 13-2-2020