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Email marketing for anyone

Email marketing has always been an important communication channel in the campaigns I executed for clients. Email marketing can be set up extremely quickly: within an hour you can send a specific message to all customers. Email marketing is very measurable and always delivers wonderful insights.

At the end of 2018 we decided to pivot the email marketing application that we use for our Dutch customers into an email marketing platform in the cloud. This platform can be used by anyone. We were able to develop the platform because we have a number of very talented software developers who have made the most of it.

When we told the people around us what we were going to do, people didn't understand because there are already so many email service providers. We persisted: Mailigo is different from all those other providers. Mailigo is extremely user-friendly.

Many email marketers are constantly worried about making mistakes. Mailigo helps you get rid of it. It contains all kinds of built-in features that ensure that opt-in and opt-out processes run smoothly; GDPR legislation is complied with.

In addition, Mailigo contains a number of fantastic features such as the automated sending of email, a drag & drop email editor and very simple management of your customer files. Finally, we offer an interesting price plan that makes it very attractive to use this software.

I can only emphasize that it is time for you to try Mailigo!
Stephan van Heusden, co-founder Mailigo