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Why don’t you start selling my ESP to the Dutch market?

That question was asked 5 years ago by my friend and business associate Guoqi Zheng, a self-made millionaire of an Asian web development company. I neglected the proposal, didn’t feel like doing that. 

Until this month, now we're about to launch Mailigo, many good things have happened. Kooboo team joined the specialists of Win-back agency Goodbyehello and our friend Stephan van Heusden. We have been working on our Emailmarketing Service Provider for the European market. And that was a challenging job.

Challenges were answering questions like “why investing in another ESP in an overcrowded market?" And "How the hell do we get our emails delivered to those Hotmail users?" Or: "Why do you think Mailigo will ever be better than Mailchimp or Tripolis"?

We decided to develop a back to basic ESP. Like in the old days. Create your email, push the send button and make sure it ends up in your clients’ inbox. Nothing more, nothing less. But these three basic functions are top-notch! And even the payment system, is back to basics. Pay as you go. Do you need to send 100.000 emails? Just buy 100.000 credits.
Easy does it!

René Vetter

Managing director Mailigo

Hilversum, 12-2-2020