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Make email marketing work for you with Mailigo

Fully featured ESP

All the features in Mailigo are available from the first moment you login. Our pay as you go model enables you to use all without limitations. With Mailigo being developed by seasoned email marketing specialists you will discover the right balance between essential EDM tools and sufficient flexibility to do what you want to do.

List management

Import your email list to Mailigo or use our subscribe widget on your website to capture email addresses. You can even use our API to send new subscribers to Mailigo.

Maintain your email list by editing subscriber data, handling bounces and import / export data.

list management

Email editor

Use our email editor to craft your emails without having to write one liner of code. And be confident that these emails show pixel perfect in all browsers and mailclients.

email editor

Test tools

Use your seedlist to test email campaigns. Check how your email looks on a mobile phone before sending it. Test authentication settings and domain reputation to get the best deliverability.

test tools


Get informed in a second after your emails are sent. Look at open rates, opens per devices, opens per region. Look at deliverability metrics and best clicked links. Download opens, clicks, bounces per individual respondent.


Consent handling

Mailigo offers extensive options to meet GDPR and CanSpam legislation. Use double opt in before adding respondents to the email list, use our (un)subscribe widgets to make it as easy as possible for email respondents to give consent.


Integreren met onze API

Mailigo offers an API to import customers to the database and a webhook to send real time open, click and bounce events to your applications.


Merge fields

Add data from your subscriber lists directly into the email to personalize any campaign with merge fields. Once you have selected a subscriber list in campaign creation, these fields are readily available for use in the subject line and the email editor.

Tracking parameters

By default, all subscriber activity is measured discretely for your campaign reporting in Mailigo. Our custom tracking parameter settings allow you to create custom (link)tracking parameters, as flexible as it comes. Define custom names with static values or select subscriber list fields as default and easily adjust them at campaign creation.

These will automatically be added to all external links without any hassle. In the email editor you do get the option to selectively disable this for for any widget.

Upcoming features

Our highly motivated development team has many new features planned in the coming months. Do you have a need for a feature we have to consider? Contact us via support@mailigo.com