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Mailigo Security Features:

Here at Mailigo we take security seriously. In order to guarantee maximum security for our users and their recipients we have several measures in place. Read more about these below.

Servers and Data storage

We have an Extended Validation SSL certificate. Your data is stored on highly secured servers in The Netherlands (Europe). If you need a data processing agreement to comply with local law, please contact us.

Email Verification

In the onboarding process we make use of an email verification, any registrant needs to confirm their account via email. Changing the account email address is only possible via two way verification.

Domain authentication and validation procedures

Before sending out any campaign with Mailigo, the actual sender e-mail address needs to be validated and several DNS settings need to be authenticated via the DNS host to validate domain ownership. Contact your DNS administrator if you do not have direct access. This makes sure the sender is emailing from a valid host domain, corresponding with the sender email address. SPF and DKIM validation are re-verified before every send-out to guarantee compliance with every campaign.

Double opt-in and account wide blacklist

In Mailigo, every contact list has its own settings panel where you can configure a single or double opt-in sign-up procedure. Depending on your preferences you can setup the signup forms, fields, landing pages and confirmation email content. Our forms give you the ability to fully comply with your AVG, GDPR and Can-Spam legislation. When a recipient unsubscribes to any one of your contact lists, they will be removed from all contact lists in your account.


We demand complex passwords to enhance account security. A password validator helps you select a compliant password. We store passwords with the latest encryption methods to guarantee maximum server-side safety.

If you have any questions regarding security, feel free to contact us via info@mailigo.com